Winter Disasters of 2014!



You’re stuck at work on a Friday night. Roads are hell and winter has officially kicked in. There was a power outage due to freezing temperatures and no one can come get you… Sound familiar? After all, it happened only last year.
Not only do you spend most of your day in the office during the week, but now it’s the beginning of your holiday weekend and you have no way out.
What if on top of all the problems you were already having, the office you worked in was dirty and smelly and even closing the door to your office didn’t help?
Yes, you told your boss many times to change the cleaners and tried to research for a good company yourself but it’s hard to choose one company from so many.
This is when you remember a friend telling you to call Total Clean because you heard that our staff will come to the rescue no matter what weather conditions. They will also gladly give you a lift home so you can enjoy the rest of your weekend in a pleasant environment. 😉

Your friend received a Referral Fee because of our “Referral Based Program” and you will also when you Pay It Forward and refer someone to us.

Our services include, but are not limited to: 
– General & Detailed Commercial Maintenance (Office, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, etc.)
– Specialty Commercial Cleaning (Window, Carpet, Tile, etc.)
– Post-Construction & Event Clean-Ups
– All Other Cleaning Jobs Upon Request!

Give us call at (416) 834-7899 for a FREE cleaning quote! Avoid office cleaning disasters, especially in the winter!

We service the GTA and all of the surrounding areas as well…Even Niagara Falls!


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